Remote Physical Therapy

Swift Institute is the first musculoskeletal and spine center practice in the United States to offer remote and customized physical therapy options through Salaso. Salaso is focused on supporting physical therapists in using technology to treat more patients and deliver higher quality, more effective care to greater numbers of people. By enhancing the connection between patients and physical therapists, this empowers patients in self-care and self-management with exercise.

Swift Institute’s Physical Therapy (PT) program was created by physical therapists for people of all ages who would like to improve how their body moves. The Physical Therapy program is available for access through a web portal and App on iPad, iPhone and Android. The app helps you recover faster from injury or other chronic conditions, and improve your performance while on the go.

Please contact Swift Institute Physical Therapy at 775-348-8885 to request an account.

The app provides you with high quality HD videos of your rehab exercises prescribed by your physician, physical therapist or other healthcare professional. All exercises have been developed using a best practice educational video production process. That means no more guessing if your technique is correct, because you can perform the exercises along with our professionally trained models. Proper technique is the key to helping you return to activity, better and faster.

Swift Institute’s Physical Therapists select the right exercises for you from a library of over 2,000 videos, including exercises for range of movement, stretching/flexibility, strengthening, balance, Pilates, core stability, agility, plyometrics, activities of daily living and sports-specific drills.

The Swift Institute PT app is visually engaging and life changing. You can track your progress with interactive rating scales for personal goal-setting, exercise completion, exercise effort and pain. Feel empowered and in control of your recovery.

We realize that remembering to do your exercises with a busy schedule can be difficult. The good news is that the Swift Institute PT app allows you to set reminders to complete your exercise program. We like making your life easier.

Recover faster. Improve your ability to perform normal activities. Stay injury-free. Increase your functional movement with Swift Institute Physical Therapy.

Main Features:

  • Platform that allows healthcare providers to deliver specific Physical Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy) Exercise videos.
  • Interactive Progress Tracking with Stats & Feedback Charts and Personal Goal Setting
  • Logging Exercise Completion, Monitoring Exercise Effort & Injury Pain Exercise Diary Reminder

Please contact Swift Institute Physical Therapy at 775-348-8885 to request an account.

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