FAQs About Swift Institute

Current patients: You’ll recognize the familiar face of your Swift Institute medical provider, even though our practice now has a different name. What happened to Spine Nevada and Tahoe Fracture? It’s still us, we’ve joined together and unified our practice name. For years, you’ve known our specialty practices by many names, but now spine, orthopedic, and vein excellence goes by one name: Swift Institute.

Will anything be different for patients? 

Unless our patients wish to visit a more convenient office, there will be no difference in patient care, including where they receive care or the doctor, advanced practice provider, physical therapist, or team treating them. We are transitioning to a new electronic medical record, AthenaHealth. Patients will have access to a new and improved patient portal, the AthenaHealth Patient Portal. 

Why did the practices merge? 

In partnership HOPCo, Spine Nevada and Tahoe Fracture merged to become the largest and most comprehensive musculoskeletal practice in Nevada. Further, our goal is to develop value-based care programs that improve clinical quality while reducing the cost of care for patients and the healthcare community.

What does the name change mean for patients?

For most patients there will be no noticeable everyday difference. Yes, we’ll have more great specialists and additional locations to choose from, but for the most part, we’ll stay the same – focused on doing our best for our patients. 

Some benefits patients may experience with Swift Institute include:

  • More services closer to where patients live – such as Urgent Clinic, MRI, or Physical Therapy
  • We’ll have more orthopedic and spine specialized providers which means easier access to appointments
  • We’ve joined our specialty groups together so that we can bring all our resources, expertise, and experience together to continually improve the spine, orthopedic, and vein care that we provide.
  • We will be offering online scheduling soon. We know a lot of patients are looking forward to self scheduling!

How many doctors and advanced practice providers does Swift Institute have? 

Our team consists of 70 experienced specialists with training in spine surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, vein treatments, interventional pain management, sports medicine, radiology, podiatry, and hand care. Every provider will offer the same great care in the same locations as they did before – there are just more of us now.

Will the staff change? 

No, our support team will remain the same. We are thankful for our wonderful team and their dedication to your care and well-being.

What phone number should I call?

We are keeping all the same phone numbers for now. We’ll answer the phone as Swift Institute, so don’t think you’ve called the wrong number! To see all our phone numbers, visit our Swift Institute location page. 

Tahoe Fracture patients, please call 775-392-3680

Spine Nevada patients, please call 775-348-8800

Vein Nevada Reno patients, please call 775-325-3600

Vein Nevada Las Vegas patients, please call 702-703-8536

Will the building signage change?

We will be updating our exterior and interior building signs over the next six months. 

Will the offices and clinics be moving?

No, we won’t be changing our locations, we’ll just be adding more locations, this means more convenience for our patients. To see all our our offices and physical therapy clinics, please visit our Locations page.

Will the website change?

Our prior 4 website addresses will still be visible, but over time, we’ll move everything over to this website, theswiftinstitute.com. 

WEBSITE MOVING DATES TO:  theswiftinstitute.com

spinenevada.com will move on December 31, 2022

tahoefracture.com will move on December 31, 2022 (on or around)

veinnevada.com will move on January 31, 2023 (on or around)

Will the patient portal and pay-my-bill remain the same?

For the time being and for existing Spine Nevada, Vein Nevada, and Tahoe Fracture patients, yes.


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