CoreAlign® Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Recovery, Performance Enhancement

CoreAlign by Balance Body is designed to help patients improve posture, balance and functional movement. CoreAlign was developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman. The exercises on the CoreAlign stimulate core stability while at the same time the user is performing challenging exercises.  The CoreAlign can be used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement, post-operative recovery as well as regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. People walk upright. CoreAlign was designed with this in mind.

Great for gait training

CoreAlign is an exciting tool for gait training. Because of it’s unique design, the upright standing position and use of individual carts on the CoreAlign, this provides optimal conditions for gait training. The CoreAlign frame is enclosed in two tracks and carts that move independently with smooth resistance. There are six elastic resistance tube assemblies on each cart and resistance can come from one or both directions. CoreAlign is also versatile, the resistance of the carts can be changed and upper extremity and torso movements can be added. The simplest moves on the CoreAlign improvise walking in a dynamic environment. The resource of CoreAlign for patients who have difficulty walking can help them reach goals not before imagined.

CoreAlign Patient success story

“The exercises I have done on the CoreAlign have been some of the most effective stabilizing exercises for my core and spine without the same monotonous routine of some other independent exercises.” 

Teal, Professional athlete

Teal, shown in photo right, is a professional women’s cyclocross, mountain, superD and enduro racer.  She is from Durango, CO and rides for LUNA chix.  Teal suffered a back injury while training a few months ago. She has been working out in the Swift Institute physical therapy gym with Thais for the last two months. Since working out in the physical therapy gym she has noticed improvements in her core strength. Teal was referred to Swift Institute by another athlete, who had also attended the physical therapy gym at Swift Institute.

About Physical Therapy at Swift Institute

One of the key features that sets Swift Physical Therapy apart from other clinics that treat back and neck pain is its spine-specialized therapy department. Patients will be connected with a spine therapist who has advanced training in techniques for spine.

In addition to spine therapy, the physical therapy team has experience working with professional and amateur athletes, sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors.

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