Spine Nevada, Vein Nevada, and Swift Urgent Clinic partner with Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) to create HOPCo Nevada

Phoenix, AZ (April 29, 2021) – Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the national leader in musculoskeletal practice and outcomes management and value-based care solutions, has entered yet another state through the formation of a partnership with Reno-based Spine Nevada and its affiliated brands, Swift Urgent Clinic and Vein Nevada, known as HOPCo Nevada. This will create an innovative platform for integrated musculoskeletal and vein care throughout Nevada.

HOPCo will combine all of the best-in-class components of musculoskeletal and vein care of Spine Nevada, Swift Urgent Clinic and Vein Nevada, with HOPCo’s nationally recognized, proven clinical outcomes management and value-based health care platforms. HOPCo Nevada will be empowered with HOPCo’s proven clinical and quality infrastructure, proprietary IT tools and claims analytics to enable unique partnerships with health systems, provider groups and payors that will drive musculoskeletal market transformation.

“Our model has been focused on providing comprehensive specialty care to our community by offering all of the necessary spine, musculoskeletal and vein services. Whether it is improved access to specialty providers, diagnostics and imaging or outpatient surgery, we have the resources to accommodate patients with almost any spine or musculoskeletal condition,” said Dr. James Lynch, President of Spine Nevada. “The addition of HOPCo’s impressive array of tools, experience, and teams will allow us to work even more closely with other physicians in the community and continue to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. HOPCo’s proven track record of results made them the clear choice as a partner for us.”

Spine Nevada and its affiliated companies have one of the most innovative care models in the U.S., with a strong focus on minimally invasive care and patient wellness. With centers in Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas that include spine, neurology, orthopedic, urgent care clinics, imaging centers and vein centers, the HOPCo care platform in Nevada will have the breadth and scope to be the care team of choice for musculoskeletal and vein care. Through the partnership, HOPCo Nevada will grow its orthopedic platform, sports medicine offering, spine and vein programs throughout the State of Nevada.

“When evaluating potential partners, one of the most important synergies HOPCo looks for is that partners desire to be at the forefront of transforming musculoskeletal care in their market,” said Dr. David Jacofsky, Chief Executive Officer of HOPCo. “Spine Nevada is an incredible example of that desire. They have been creating comprehensive and cost-effective care models since 2004 and share our vision for truly transformational care that will drive real value. They are a great addition to our growing number of partners throughout the country.”

Spine Nevada, Swift Urgent Clinic and Vein Nevada were advised by Edgemont Partners as well as Greg Koonsman at VMG Health on the transaction and represented by the law firm of Bass, Berry & Sims. HOPCo was represented by the law firm of McGuire Woods.

About Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company

Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) is the leading provider of musculoskeletal value-based health outcomes management, service line management and practice management. This includes comprehensive management and optimization of specialties such as orthopedics, spine, hand, pain management, rehabilitation and neurology. HOPCo’s integrated care and analytics platform has proven to increase the quality of patient care and program revenue while reliably reducing the total cost of care across the care continuum for practices, health systems and payors alike. HOPCo’s affiliated payors, practices and health systems successfully participate in highly efficient value-based contracting (bundled payments, capitated population health programs, and other risk-based arrangements) utilizing HOPCo’s proprietary platforms, IT solutions, integrated analytics, and standardized care pathways. Visit www.hopco.com to learn more.


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