Reno Sportsdome partnership with Spine Nevada and Swift Urgent Clinic, renamed Swift Sportsdome

A groundbreaking cermeony was held on February 4 at the site of the new 120,000 sq. ft. location of the Swift Sportsdome South Meadows in Reno. Reno Sportsdome has partnered with Spine Nevada and Swift Urgent Clinic and will be renamed Swift Sportsdome. This will include the existing University location and the soon-to-be-constructed South Meadows location. Despite the delay due to the pandemic, the 120,000 square-foot indoor facility will be opening this year to the delight of many sports participants throughout northern Nevada.

Groundbreaking of Swift Sportsdome

The partnership with Swift Urgent Clinic and Spine Nevada will make the Swift Sportsdome one of the most forward-thinking indoor sports complexes in the country. In addition to offering both turf and court space for many different sports, Swift Sportsdome will incorporate on-site physical therapy, medical evaluations, on-site medical staff, sports science training, concussion screening, and much more through this partnership with Reno’s top orthopedic and spine care specialists.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Swift. This partnership creates a tremendous amount of added value for our members to go along with the same quality experience players have come to expect from the Sportsdome,” said Owen Blake, owner of the Swift Sportsdome.

The new Swift Sportsdome will be the second facility under the Sportsdome brand, accommodate over three times the existing University location’s capacity, and offer a wider variety of sports and game-viewing opportunities. The facility will include a large bar and lounge area with an expanded menu for visitors to enjoy. Also, there will be over 5,000 sq ft of physical therapy and sports science training space located inside the new facility.

“This is one of the most exciting developments going on in northern Nevada,” said James Lynch, MD, President of Spine Nevada and Swift Urgent Clinic. “We’ve provided the region quality spine and orthopedic care for years and share the same vision of quality and community as the Reno Sportsdome team. We look forward to the partnership and bringing northern Nevada a truly unique, cutting-edge sports and healthcare experience.”

The original Reno Sportsdome will be re-named Swift Sportsdome University. It remains open and will continue to operate after Swift Sportsdome South Meadows’ grand opening in the fall of 2021. Registration will open in April for the new Swift Sportsdome South Meadows leagues and programs.


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