Hammertoe Correction Surgery in Reno and Carson City

If you’ve noticed that one of your toes seems to be permanently bent in the middle, there’s a good chance that you have what’s known as a hammertoe. This condition typically affects the second, third, or fourth toe, and it’s similar to another foot deformity called “mallet toe.” The distinction is that hammertoe refers to an abnormal bend in the toe’s middle joint, while mallet toe affects the joint nearest the toenail. Both of these conditions can be painful and lead to difficulty wearing shoes and even walking.

At Swift Institute, our team includes board-certified orthopedic specialists in podiatry, and hammertoe correction is among the many treatments we offer to residents of Reno and Carson City, Nevada. Our orthopedic centers in both of these cities are equipped with the latest imaging technology, which helps our specialists accurately diagnose and treat many foot and ankle disorders.

What to Expect With Hammertoe Correction Treatment at Swift Institute in Reno and Carson City

In the early stages of hammertoe development, patients may be able to slow the progression by changing their footwear or performing special exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles used in bending the toe. At Swift Institute, we typically encourage patients to try nonsurgical treatments before considering surgery. However, if the hammertoe is too severe, or a few months of conservative treatment do not lead to adequate symptom relief, hammertoe correction surgery may be required.

Hammertoe correction surgery is typically an outpatient procedure. Patients can usually stand on the affected foot immediately after surgery, but full recovery is likely to take a month or more. During this time, patients may need to elevate the foot to promote healing and limit activities that put pressure on the foot.

Swift Institute has been providing high-level orthopedic services to patients in this region since 1966, and our orthopedic specialists are among the most highly respected doctors in their fields. If you wish to explore your hammertoe correction options with us, contact us today to learn more about the services we offer in Reno and Carson City.

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