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At Swift Institute, we’re proud to have a board-certified foot and ankle specialist on staff to help Reno and Carson City, Nevada residents address a variety of foot and ankle disorders. Using traditional treatments and state-of-the-art surgical procedures, our podiatrist can address and prevent several problems related to injury, age, and disease, ensuring we can provide first-rate treatment to just about any patient who turns to us.

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Foot and ankle problems are extremely common and unfortunately often have a profound effect on a patient’s quality of life. When a patient first visits Swift Orthopedics, the first step we take is to diagnose the origin of their discomfort. In some instances, the cause of the pain is well known, but it’s still important to perform extensive tests to ensure that no other underlying issues are contributing to the symptoms. Next, depending on the diagnosis and prognosis, our podiatrist will thoroughly explain the treatment options available. In some cases this may entail conservative, non-surgical methods, including personalized physical therapy at one of our Carson City, NV, locations. If, however, our foot and ankle specialist recommends surgery, then we’ll schedule the procedure at a conveniently located, local ambulatory surgery center.

A few examples of the surgical procedures that we specialize in include:

Additionally, our podiatrist offers wound care for diabetes patients, treatment for sports-related injuries such as sprains and strains, and pain management for arthritis, Achilles tendon problems, plantar fasciitis, and other disorders of the feet and ankles.

To learn more about the many treatments and services provided by our foot and ankle specialist in the Reno and Carson City, NV community, contact us today.

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