Ankle Arthroscopy in Reno / Carson City

Ankles are complex joints that allow us to perform countless movements, from walking and running to rising on our tippy-toes to reach the top shelf of the kitchen pantry. Most people do these things every day without giving them much thought—until their ankles become injured, succumb to the pressures of bearing body weight, or simply wear down due to age. When that happens, it can lead to pain and swelling that make ankle movements practically unbearable, thus severely inhibiting the ability to walk or, in some cases, even stand. Ankle arthroscopy, also known as “keyhole surgery,” is a minimally invasive procedure that skilled orthopedic surgeons often use to treat ankle conditions that don’t respond adequately to nonsurgical remedies.

It’s one of many tools in the toolbox for the foot and ankle specialists at Swift Orthopedics. If you’re in Reno or Carson City, Nevada, and you’re experiencing an injury, arthritis, or some other debilitating condition involving the ankle, you can turn with confidence to our podiatry specialists, who are the region’s experts in providing ankle pain relief and restoration of movement.

What Does Ankle Arthroscopy Entail?

Arthroscopy is a type of surgery in which a trained physician uses a tiny camera, called an arthroscope, and specialized surgical tools to diagnose and repair injured or deteriorating tissues in the body. Patients benefit from this minimally invasive alternative to conventional open ankle surgery because the small incision typically leads to faster healing. Ankle arthroscopy is usually a day surgery, allowing the patient to go home after recovering from the effects of the anesthesia used during the procedure.

Your ankle surgeon at Swift Orthopedics may recommend ankle arthroscopy if your ankle condition is severe or has not responded adequately to conservative treatments like targeted exercise, physical therapy, ice packs, and anti-inflammatory medications. A few of the ankle conditions that may benefit from ankle arthroscopy include:

  • Arthritis
  • Ligament tears
  • Scar tissue
  • Loose bone or cartilage fragments
  • Ankle impingement, or tissues that swell from overuse

Swift Institute is pleased to offer a full slate of orthopedic medical services, including physical therapy, pain management, and orthopedic surgery, at our state-of-the-art orthopedic medical clinics in Reno and Carson City.

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