Spine Surgery Helps Restore Doreen’s Quality of Life

“I’m able to walk down the hallway without taking a break now; I even can go for walks, something impossible before spine surgery,” Doreen reflects.

Doreen enjoys spending time with her family and dogs. Unfortunately, about ten years ago, she started experiencing a limp on her right side. At first, Doreen chalked it up to overdoing it on the weekend but became concerned when the limp continued and worsened. Over the years, Doreen maintained regular visits with her primary care doctor; she also had podiatry and neurology appointments. Despite undergoing multiple diagnostic tests, they could not identify the cause of her limp.

spine surgery patient Doreen with Reno neurosurgeon Dr Edward Perry and Shay Vizza, PA-C

Meanwhile, her right side limp significantly impacted her quality of life and Doreen’s ability to continue her work with the school district. At the end of the school year, she quit her job to focus on her health. Fast forward to the fall of 2023, Doreen was referred to Dr. Timothy Louie for a neurological exam. The neurologist next obtained imaging and other studies based on the exam. After reviewing the results, Dr. Louie quickly referred Doreen for a surgical consult with Dr. Edward Perry, a board-certified neurosurgeon with fellowship training in complex spine surgery. She went for her appointment with Dr. Perry, and the surgeon talked with Doreen about the severity of her condition. She had cervical spondylotic myelopathy and cervical stenosis, meaning she had spinal cord impingement that could lead to paralysis if not treated quickly. Dr. Perry was candid about the treatment options, including surgery for Doreen’s condition. A cervical spine surgery to relieve pressure on her spinal cord was necessary and needed to take place quickly. The following Monday, Dr. Perry performed the required spine surgery. Doreen was amazed to be up and walking the next day after the procedure. She was even more relieved to walk without a limp, something she hadn’t done in nearly a decade.

Today, Doreen is attending physical therapy to continue her recovery. “I’m able to walk down the hallway without taking a break now; I even can go for walks, something impossible before surgery. My niece is having a baby soon, and I’ll be able to help welcome our new family member; this is something I couldn’t be a part of before surgery. Dr. Perry is a lifesaver. Shay Vizza, PA-C took all the time necessary during my follow-up visit. I will recommend Dr. Perry and Shay over and over again,” exclaims Doreen. 

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