Celebrating Birthday and Anniversary with No Pain after Kyphoplasty at Swift Spine Institute

Gilee took a fall backward one day and unfortunately this resulted in a very serious and painful injury. Gilee and her husband are new to Northern Nevada and decided to stop at a Swift Spine Institute office after seeing a building sign. The spine center was able to see her the same day.

Gilee saw Dr. Hugh McDermott, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at Swift Spine Institute. “And that has been a great blessing.” An MRI was ordered and helped reveal the cause of Gilee’s excruciating pain, a vertebral compression fracture.

Kyphoplasty illustration

Dr. McDermott helped treat Gilee’s fractured vertebra by performing a kyphoplasty procedure. He also worked to identify the cause of the fractured vertebra – osteoporosis. Dr. McDermott referred her to Kimberly Koerner, APRN, an osteoporosis specialized nurse practitioner at Swift Spine Institute. When a compression fracture occurs, it’s important to understand why. If it’s due to osteoporosis, this is a serious condition that can be treated. Swift Spine Institute is fortunate to have a nurse practitioner that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. “Dr. McDermott listens, he explains, he watches, he cares, and most importantly, he finds out the problem. That is the best that can be done. I’m very fortunate. And anybody that goes to him would be equally fortunate,” Gilee explained.

“I had such great confidence in my doctor. The procedure went smoothly, and everybody took care of me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” she reflects. Gilee was amazed when she was able to stand up after the procedure and she didn’t feel pain. She was able to celebrate her anniversary and birthday with no pain. Gilee is thankful she found Swift Spine Institute and Dr. Hugh McDermott.

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