Sleeping better, moving better and feeling better after radiofrequency vein ablation

Severe leg cramping at night and a heavy leg feeling during exercise was a way of life for Julie for over 10 years. “The symptoms progressed over time. Eventually when I’d finish exercising my legs would be pulsing,” Julie reflects. She also had visible varicose veins and discoloration on her legs. Julie learned about Swift Vein Institute while at Physical Therapy with Megan Worthen, PT, DPT at Swift Spine Institute. “I was talking with Megan about my symptoms and she asked to look at my legs. She then recommended I see a vein specialist based on my symptoms and the visible appearance of my legs. She thought I may have a vein condition,” Julie shares.

Julie made an appointment with Swift Vein Institute – though at first she was hesitant to take the step. “I’m not sure what it is but I felt a little embarrassed or uncomfortable to acknowledge these symptoms.” After her appointment at Swift Vein Institute, Julie was very happy she’d made the decision to seek out treatment. She remembers Dr. Franciosa, Alicia and the Vein Nevada team as fabulous!

“Dr. Franciosa was very warm and vibrant – his medical knowledge and confidence provided reassurance that I was making the right decision” she remembers. The Swift Vein Institute team first recommended conservative therapies which included 6 or more weeks wearing compression stockings. Julie also continued to walk 45 minutes a day. Walking is also a conservative therapy recommended for vein conditions. The conservative options failed to relieve her symptoms. Next Julie had a comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound at Swift Vein Institute. “Akshay (vein technologist) was very kind,” she remembers.

After reviewing the results of the ultrasound, Dr. Franciosa recommended a radiofrequency vein ablation to treat Julie’s condition. “The procedures took place over 3 days. My appointment each day was in the morning and the procedures weren’t painful. I was a little sore for a few days after but continued with my normal activities. The Swift Vein Institute team did a good job in preparing me for what to expect during and after the procedure,” Julie explains. Following the procedures, she was happy to feel relief from her symptoms. No more leg cramping that wakes her up at night! “I’m also able to exercise more because I don’t have that heaviness feeling in my legs anymore. I sleep better, move better and feel better now,” she says.

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