Relief from the restless legs and bulging varicose veins after radiofrequency ablation

“My experience with Swift Vein Institute has been 100% positive, from the staff at the front desk to the providers, I’ve been very satisfied,” Phyllis explains.

Phyllis has lived in the Northern Nevada region for much of her life, she enjoys staying active and spending time with family and friends. Over the years, she noticed varicose veins developing on her left leg to the point she no longer wanted to wear shorts. “My left leg was unsightly with a large bulging varicose vein,” Phyllis reflects. In addition to the appearance of her leg, she also experienced restless legs symptoms in the evening and while sleeping. “Walking around helped lessen the symptoms,” she explains.

Phyllis didn’t realize at the time that the restless legs symptoms and varicose veins were connected. She went to her dermatology office for a check up. After the physical exam, the provider referred Phyllis to Swift Vein Institute.

She made an appointment for a consultation at Swift Vein Institute where she met with Alicia Garaventa, APRN. As part of the comprehensive exam, a diagnostic ultrasound was performed by ultrasound technologist Akshay. “I was impressed by the friendliness of the staff. They gave me all the time I need to make a decision and I never felt rushed,” Phyllis reflects. “The office worked with me to verify my benefits and gave me instructions on conservative therapy I could try before having a medical procedure.”

Unfortunately the conservative options didn’t improve her condition, Phyllis met with the Swift Vein Institute team and they discussed medical procedure options including a radiofrequency ablation procedure that uses heat to treat the diseased vein and a VenaSeal Closure procedure that uses medical adhesive to treat the diseased vein. The VenaSeal procedure allows patients to recover without the need for compression stockings. Phyllis selected the VenaSeal procedure. “Overall I felt minimal pain after the procedures, I was even mowing my lawn in the afternoon following a procedure,” Phyllis shares. The VenaSeal treatment was performed by Dr. Franciosa at the Vein Nevada Reno office over a period of 4 days.

Following the procedure, she felt relief from the restless legs symptoms and the bulging varicose vein is on the road to full recovery as well. “There was so much I didn’t know about vein disease until I met with the Swift Vein Institute staff. So many of my symptoms I thought were due to aging and part of life. I didn’t realize there were treatment options for varicose veins — other than painful vein stripping performed at a hospital.”

“My experience with Swift Vein Institute has been 100% positive, from the staff at the front desk to the providers, I’ve been very satisfied,” Phyllis explains.

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