David back to active lifestyle after varicose veins and years of severe leg cramping and pain

“I cannot thank Swift Vein Institute enough for the absolutely amazing experience,” explains David.

David’s journey to find relief from his vein condition started rocky – as he initially went to another practice where he had a terrible experience. The Swift Vein Institute experience was dramatically different and in a positive way. “From the moment I walked in the door at Swift Vein Institute, I was greeted with a smile and this immediately made me comfortable.”

David was happy to find the vein center team was both professional and extremely kind. “The passion and knowledge that exudes from the Swift Vein Institute team are second to none. Shima was the first person I met, and she was amazing. During the ultrasound, Shima explained what she was doing throughout and helped answer my questions.

David was impressed with Dr. Franciosa immediately. “I instantly knew I was in the best care – he clearly explains the vein treatment and why it is needed.” David was nervous about having the vein procedure, but he was put at ease by the Swift Vein Institute team. “Laura was amazing; she helped prep me for the procedure. I had fun during the procedure! They took my mind off the treatment.”

David reflects on the staff’s excellent bedside manner and ability to work quickly. “I could not imagine having treatment anywhere else! I also would not advise anyone to do it with anyone else! Swift Vein Institute is the best, and I will be sending everyone to Swift Vein Institute and the team.”

Before Treatment:

When David started this journey, he had heavy, crampy, and tired legs. His feet would ache and be uncomfortable for most of the day. He didn’t worry about the appearance of the bulgy, veiny legs but wanted to get to the root of the problem. He remembers feeling like he did 500 calf raises only 30 seconds into a walk. His vein condition got so bad that each time he took a step, he was in agony. As a combat sports athlete, David was used to being hit, but nothing came close to the pain of his vein condition.

After Treatment:

Following my procedure, David was asked to stand up. He remembers expecting horrible pain but was shocked to have NO pain!!! David was surprised the following day to wake without pain. He remembers it being the best feeling ever!! Both of David’s legs have are treated now, and they feel amazing! He can walk, stand, and go up the stairs with almost NO Fatigue! “I also looked back at pictures of myself in swim shorts before treatment, and I did not realize how chunky my legs were. My legs look so much better, and I will probably be wearing shorts every day from here on out. Thank you so much, and I genuinely appreciate every one of you!”

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