Dancing, Trail Running, and Skiing After ACL Reconstruction in Reno

Emma enjoys backcountry skiing, trail running, swimming, and mountain biking. She is so thankful to be able to participate in the activities she loves close to home in North Lake Tahoe. Emma fell last year skiing and knew she tore her ACL.

Emma’s MRI results revealed a completely torn ACL in her left knee and a torn meniscus. While doing research on her treatment options, Emma found Swift Institute’s Dr. Rueben Nair. Dr. Nair is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship-training in sports medicine. He specializes in sports medicine and the management of sports-related injuries. She was thankful to get an appointment quickly with the sports-specialized doctor. “Everyone I met (at Swift Institute) was super caring – they had a positive can-do spirit. This positivity goes a long way when you’re going through a serious injury. The team at Swift gave me the confidence that I would return to things I wanted to do.” The physicians and specialists at Swift Institute are among the top specialists in the United States to help ensure the highest quality orthopedic and spine patient care, whether in the medical clinic, the procedure suite, or the surgery suite. 

At her appointment, Dr. Nair talked with Emma about her treatment options. And although she had the option to avoid surgery and rehab her injury with physical therapy, Emma would always have activity limitations if she chose this path. Because of her big goals for the future, such as returning to backcountry skiing, trail running, and dancing at her wedding, Emma decided to move forward with the ACL reconstruction surgery recommended by Dr. Nair. 

She had the surgery in Reno about a month after her injury. Overall, the surgery was a great experience, and Emma started physical therapy quickly afterward. She was diligent in attending her rehab sessions and completing her at-home exercises. Emma was thrilled to dance at her wedding only two months after surgery. Since her surgery, she has also completed a half marathon trail run and returned to backcountry skiing. “Most importantly, my knee feels super strong. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be doing the things I love to do – and it’s all thanks to Dr. Nair and his team!” Emma exclaimed.

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