Confidently wearing shorts again after varicose vein treatment

“I have complete confidence in the Swift Vein Institute team and will continue to recommend them to others,” explains Paul.

Paul enjoys staying active while on the job as a flight attendant and also during his free time. Over the years, he’d noticed bulging varicose veins developing on his legs. Initially, Paul viewed the varicose veins as more of a cosmetic issue than a medical condition. In addition to varicose veins, Paul also felt a heaviness and tiredness in his legs and skin discoloration around his ankles. He didn’t at first attribute these to a vein condition. It was his spine doctor in Las Vegas who recommended Paul have a vein consultation after his physical exam revealed bulging varicose veins. The doctor referred Paul to Swift Vein Institute; a vein specialized medical center with Northern Nevada and Las Vegas area locations.

Paul has a busy schedule with frequent travel. He found time to schedule an appointment with Swift Vein Institute in January. At Swift Vein Institute, Paul had a comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound, followed by a consultation with Dr. Stefan Franciosa, a board-certified and fellowship-trained interventional and vascular radiologist.

Paul was diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency, and Dr. Franciosa recommended he try conservative therapy first by wearing compression stockings to see if this helped his vein symptoms. Because of an unrelated sore hip, Paul had difficulty putting the compression stockings on, but he powered through and wore the stockings for over three months. Unfortunately, the conservative therapy didn’t help.

“I returned for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Franciosa, and we discussed the necessary treatment for the varicose veins and other venous disease symptoms,” he says. The Swift Vein Institute team worked with Paul and his insurance company to obtain the authorizations for vein treatment. He had his in-office vein procedures over three days. Paul returned to regular activity following the treatments.

“Dr. Franciosa is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and also very friendly. He was attentive to my needs as a patient throughout the vein treatments. Laura and Shima are also great, both very competent and personable. Paul’s recovery from vein disease also involves a lot of walking; he walks 2 – 4.5 miles each day.”

Today, he’s more comfortable with the appearance of his legs. “I’m more confident in wearing shorts now because my legs look better,” Paul reflects. “I also didn’t realize how impactful vein disease was on how my legs felt,” he explains. “If others are having symptoms of vein disease such as achy legs, restless legs, swollen legs, varicose veins, or skin discoloration – please have your veins checked,” Paul says. “The ultrasound is completely painless and can be completed in an hour. Then you’ll know if you need to have treatment. Even better, most insurances cover medical vein conditions,” he explains. “I have complete confidence in the Swift Vein Institute team and will continue to recommend them to others.”

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