Charles is back to woodworking after spine surgery performed by Dr. Edward Perry

Charles is a retired general foreman. He even helped develop parts of Reno, including Arrowcreek. He enjoys spending his retirement life with wife, Susan, a former medical assistant. When they aren’t enjoying time with family, Charles spends time woodworking. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident that resulted in a severe neck injury. Charles’s doctor referred him to Dr. Edward Perry at Swift Spine Institute. Charles’ cervical spine injury ultimately required spine surgery. He felt relief from his neck pain symptoms almost immediately following surgery. While his neck pain was gone, he began suffering from back pain. Charles scheduled an appointment with Dr. Perry to learn more about his spine condition. After reviewing the MRI of Charles’s lumbar spine, Dr. Perry discussed treatment options with him, including a lumbar surgery to help relieve his back pain. Charles decided to have the surgery, performed by Dr. Perry, as he wanted to return to a more active lifestyle.

The surgery relieved his painful symptoms, and Charles was soon back to woodworking, an activity causing excruciating pain before his surgery. “It’s straightforward to work with Dr. Perry and his team. We always get a quick response when we call, and they are flexible to get me in soon if needed,” he reflects.

In appreciation to Dr. Perry, Charles made him a shingle. “Doctors and lawyers used to hang out shingles to let the public know they were open for business. Dr. Perry needed a shingle,” he explains.

Charles with Dr. Perry

Charles’ wife Susan is also a patient of Dr. Perry. Susan began having back pain following a hip surgery that resulted in her right leg becoming 1/2 inch shorter than her left leg. Dr. Perry reviewed Susan’s imaging and medical history before talking with her about treatment to help relieve the pinched spinal nerve and related symptoms, including constant, radiating, burning pain in her right leg. Susan decided to have the spine surgery and selected Dr. Perry as her surgeon. Following the minimally invasive spine surgery performed by Dr. Perry, Susan’s pain was relieved. She was up walking the same day and went home from the hospital the next day. Before the surgery, housework and yard work was impossible. Today, Susan has a more active lifestyle and can enjoy time with her family – without pain.

Dr. Perry treasures the doctor – patient relationship, it was a driving force as he selected this career. The overall goal of the doctor – patient relationship is to improve patient health outcomes. Patients like Susan and Charles highlight how beneficial and meaningful the doctor – patient relationship is for the patient as well as the doctor.

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