Back to a more active life after spine surgery to relieve painful back symptoms at Swift Spine Institute in Reno

Christy first visited Swift Spine Institute in early 2019 after relocating to Nevada from Georgia. She struggled over the years from a major spine condition and hadn’t been successful in getting the help she needed at other medical clinics.

Christy had an MRI at Swift Spine Institute and the results showed her sciatic nerve was severely damaged, resulting in significant pain. Christy was also having neurological symptoms causing her to lose both leg and bladder function. “When I met Dr. Edward Perry, he talked with me about what was causing my symptoms and he explained the necessary surgery to correct my spine condition.

All along, he made me feel more comfortable and confident in my decision,” Christy explains. In April 2019, Dr. Perry performed the L4-L5 spine fusion surgery. “I am extremely pleased Dr. Perry not only relieved by back pain, but I also regained all my leg function,” Christy exclaimed. Today, Christy can walk with almost no pain, she is happy to walk her son to school again. This wasn’t possible before the surgery.

While Christy’s back was feeling better, unfortunately in 2020, she started experiencing severe neck pain. Eager to find relief, Christy called Swift Spine Institute again to learn about her options. She had experienced neck pain before and even had a neck fusion surgery in 2015 to help relieve her symptoms. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t bring lasting relief and Christy knew her neck condition was a complex case. Christy went to her consultation with Dr. Perry. They talked about the treatment options, including surgery, to help relieve her neck pain. Christy decided to move forward with the necessary neck surgery and she wanted Dr. Perry to be her surgeon. “I once again needed Dr. Perry’s skills. When you have a skilled surgeon performing your procedure, it makes all the difference.”

Today, Christy is feeling better physically and mentally than she has in 10 years. She tells others that Dr. Perry gets the job done correctly the first time and that’s important! “I’ll forever be grateful to Dr. Perry and the staff at Swift Spine Institute.”

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