O-arm® Surgical 3D Imaging

O-arm® surgical 3D imaging technology allows precision and minimal disruption during complex spine surgeries

Dr. Edward Perry, a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon at Swift Spine Institute was one of the first surgeons to use the new Medtronic O-arm® Multidimensional Imaging System at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno.

The O-arm® technology enhances outcomes for spine surgery patients by allowing surgeons to visualize in real-time the surgical site. This permits more precise placement of instrumentation and hardware.

By combining mobility, low-dose x-ray images and speedy image processing, the O-arm® provides live 3-D navigation during surgery. Within seconds the surgeon receives highly detailed surgical site images. The O-arm® imaging system makes possible more precise placement of spinal hardware. Other benefits include smaller incision, shorter surgery duration, less post-surgical pain and faster recovery than with traditional spine surgery techniques.

The O-arm® system provides guidance during complex spine surgeries and provides the following advantages over C-arm fluoroscopes currently in use. These advantages include:

  • The O-arm® can be positioned without moving the patient, the ring shaped gantry can be both opened and closed.
  • The imaging ring may be tilted and angled to capture images not possible with older, more limited systems
  • Ultra-fast imaging reduces x-ray exposure of patients and staff
  • Detailed 3-D surgical site images are available for surgeon viewing in seconds, not minutes. This feature is ideal as surgeons confirm precise placement of hard and may help eliminate need for future revision surgery.
  • The O-arm® system may be partnered with Renown’s StealthStation neurosurgical platform.

The O-arm® is manufactured and distributed by the Navigation division of Medtronic, Inc. As the worldwide leader in surgical navigation, Medtronic offers a wide range of solutions in surgical navigation for spine, neurological and orthopedic surgery.

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