Swift Spine Institute helped me get back to an active life with a straighter spine

From an early age, Jody has enjoyed staying active. From competing in high school sports to skiing, golfing, and working outdoors. His first experience with back pain took place following a severe fall during high school track practice. While his painful spine symptoms from the sports fall went away over time, Jody experienced spells of back pain throughout the years. He tried several non-surgical treatments, including physical therapy and injection therapy, and put off spine surgery for years. Ultimately, his spine condition (diagnosed as spinal stenosis caused by scoliosis) would require a laminectomy surgery to alleviate pressure on pinched nerves. This spine surgery performed by Dr. James Lynch helped improve his symptoms and quality of life. Jody knew that a fusion surgery might be necessary in the future, but he wanted to avoid invasive surgery as long as possible. “In 2011, Dr. Lynch performed a Laminectomy on my spine that relieved pressure on my nerves that made walking a hazardous and painful endeavor. The day following that surgery, I was able to walk pain-free,” remembers Jody.

Unfortunately, over the years, his back pain symptoms flared again. Despite trying physical therapy and injection procedures to help relieve symptoms and restore his function levels, Jody’s spine condition deteriorated, and he started losing control of his right leg. Based on his previous experiences with Swift Spine Institute Jody requested an appointment with a surgeon. He scheduled an appointment with fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Shane Abdunnur. Jody was impressed by Dr. Abdunnur’s excellent bedside manner and was pleased to hear very positive feedback about the surgeon from nurses in the local medical community. Dr. Abdunnur discussed Jody’s diagnosis and recommended treatment plan with options. The surgeon and his clinical team worked with Jody to ensure he had all of the details necessary to decide about moving forward with the treatment plan.

Jody knew that his quality of life had been severely impacted due to his spine condition and was eager to find pain relief and return to a more active lifestyle. He decided to move forward with the three surgeries necessary to relieve his symptoms and straighten his spine. Dr. Abdunnur performed the procedure in November 2019.

The recovery from his surgeries was not easy. “When I was experiencing pain during the post-operative portion of my recovery, Dr. Abdunnur’s sincere concern and desire to help alleviate the pain was greatly appreciated,” Jody reflects. Despite the painful recovery, Jody could return to work six weeks following surgery and he started physical therapy eight weeks after surgery. He started physical therapy at Swift Spine Institute with Matt Kimber, PT, DPT, and was impressed by Matt and the equipment available in the physical therapy clinic. Jody received exercises to do at home, and he still incorporates the exercises into his daily life. “Matt provided me with expert Physical Therapy that accentuated my recovery and provided me with the means to improve my mobility, flexibility, and overall confidence in doing what I had missed,” Jody explained.

Today, Jody can hike, play golf, play with his grandkids and help out with yard work. “My back is now straight, and the chronic pain is reduced significantly,” Jody says. “To everyone at Swift Spine Institute, thank you for all you have done for me. You are a wonderful team of caring professionals who deliver the best possible experience.”

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